Koumtsidis Plant Nurseries

Koumtsidis Plant Nurseries

The nursery is located between Veria and Naoussa in Imathia,  Greece. We cultivate  fruit trees such as peach, apple, pear, cherry , sour cherry, plum, apricot, kiwi, almond, hazelnut, chestnut, pecan, fig, olive, pomegranate e.t.c.

  In 2000 we started our activity as 'Plant Nursery Koumtsidis' with the aim of supplying our customers with certified, high quality plants.

   In the following years, our firm established as a distinguished and innovative enterprise in the field of propagation material in Greece and Southeast Europe.

  We adopt all the international achievements in our sector, so we can offer all the new varieties to the appropriate rootstocks.

   We set our nurseries only in virgin and fertile soils to promote health and vigor.

  The majority of our rootstocks come from 'in vitro' propagation laboratories being free from viruses and diseases.

  The grafts carefully selected from our orchards with the mother-trees or imported from respected European firms.

  The after sale support to our customers is constant in order to gain the maximum out of their investment, offering modern cultivating techniques, advices and answers to all of their queries.

  So far we export to more than 10 countries and we are able to deliver our plants wherever you want, promptly and in optimal condition.



Koumtsidis Plant Nurseries Koumtsidis Plant Nurseries Koumtsidis Plant Nurseries
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